About Us

The Altius Society was founded in 2012 with the aim of becoming the global forum for senior practitioners, academics, and political leaders, as well as young promising thought leaders to discuss the most relevant strategic trends of the XXI Century and their impact on the future of our societies and our economies.

The necessity to foster interdisciplinary dialogue between young professionals who have proven excellence in their respective domains (academia, economics and private enterprise, politics and public service, philanthropy, and cultural creativity) lies at the heart of Altius.

The velocity and complexity of social change, the need to encourage a deep reflection and understanding of future global trends, and the awareness that tackling major global challenges requires not only an interdisciplinary approach that draws from numerous fields of intellectual and social life, but also a wide and international network of connections, convinced a group of graduate students at Harvard University of the benefits of an organization like Altius.

Since its founding in 2012 by Carlos Blanco and Alexandre Perez Casares, Altius has consolidated a group of over 50 permanent Members coming from over 20 countries across the 5 continents, following a thorough selection process with the ultimate goal of gathering the best knowledge about the coming challenges and opportunities arising from the most significant future trends that Humanity will face.

Change, however, is full of opportunities if properly understood and guided. For this to be possible we believe an organization like Altius is needed. Altius believes in combining thinking and acting. Through its ‘think’ activities it seeks to understand reality and its near future. Through its ‘action’ it seeks to effect change in the fields it considers most in need of it. The combination of both can produce both real change and a strong network of thought and business leaders that can in the long term make a valuable contribution to an ever more necessary, and yet elusive, effective global governance.