The Altius Society

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The Altius Society was founded in 2012 with the aim of becoming the global forum where young and senior practitioners, academics, and political leaders gather to discuss the most relevant strategic trends of the 21st century and their impact on the future of our societies and our economies. Its members share a desire and collective ability to understand trends of change in the world, and to contribute to a more effective global governance.

As a catalyzer of this multidisciplinary debate, every year Altius selects a major Theme which is discussed from five diverse perspectives –Scientific, Social, Cultural, Economic and Political,– brought by Altius Members as well as prominent leaders in the field.

The Future of Communication: An Opportunity for Humankind and a Challenge to Democratic Societies in the Age of Technological Disruption and the Rise of the Human-Machine Collective Mind’ is our annual Theme for 2017. It framed the debates of our most recent Annual Conference at Oxford, which took place in September of 2017, at the Debating Chamber of the Oxford Union.